Solution Architect Team Leader (12+ yrs.)

--Trinesis Technologies Pvt Ltd--

Our Development Team is expanding and looking for fresh blood – we’re currently looking for an experienced Solution Architect Team Leader who will create a unified system of architectural approaches for software design and ensure that our products meet quality goals.

How can you grow with us?

  • Your role will be a mix of creation, setting standards, and mentorship. You’ll be our guide and guard who look at our processes from a bird’s eye, find solutions and introduce improvements to ensure our software meets all requirements of quality.
  • You’ll work on a daily basis not only with our team, but also with our clients to oversee the entire process of execution and ensure consistency,
  • We’ll give you the tools and space to develop new skills and self-train in new technologies required on the project roadmaps,
  • You will be supported by our HR team in your leadership role, so you won’t be left alone,
  • You’ll gain wide experience in a multitude of industries and in various methods of work, both for exciting startups and established enterprises,
  • Do you wonder what projects you would join? Check out our previous ones: a career finding app for school and colleges, an innovative retail app to donate left-over food to homeless or an AI powered college footbal recruitment app that helps find the right talent ... and try to guess what exciting, brand-new projects are waiting for you!


  • You'll be in charge of the team of solutions architects providing the company's standards in software architecture design and ensuring its compliance. This means setting guidelines, reviewing architecture alternatives, and performing technical evaluations;
  • You’ll have the final decision over technical issues in projects,
  • You’ll design, document, and implement technical solutions for various types and sizes of systems,
  • Your role will be to present technical issues and progress with clients,
  • Your expertise will be essential to support pre-sales activities like technical proposal and estimation,
  • You will take part in technical workshops and brainstorming sessions to help our clients identify the best solutions



  • Min. exp. 8 yrs in software development,
  • 3+ years directly in architechtire OR track record of at least 3 devlivered enterprise-level projects as an architech, and at least 7 delivered projects as a software developer

Tech skills:

  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented programming language (preferred Typescript) and functional programming
  • Experience in developing Node.js with at least one Node.js framework such as Nest.js 
  • Strong knowledge of Linux, web application deployment, and maintenance
  • Strong knowledge of system design (caching, workers, queues, asynchronous vs synchronous, multi-region)
  • Strong knowledge of web service development (RESTful)
  • Knowledge of BPMN or similar documentation methods
  • Strong knowledge of security, performance optimization, scalability in web development
  • Experience with design of multi-tenant application
  • Experience in designing SQL and NoSQL based applications
  • Strong experience in architecture models: microservices, service-oriented, event-driven
  • Strong knowledge of containerization (Docker) and container orchestration platforms (Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge of CI/DI pipelines and automation tools

Soft skills:

  • Good in English - we work internationally, so that’s a must,
  • A precise vision of your role within the company and team
  • Willingness to improve your skills in the field of team management
  • Proactivity and high level of organization of own work, with strong skills in time management and planning
  • Ability to see both the business and team side to create proper and working solutions
  • Great communication skills – especially the ability to listen and to communicate your thoughts clearly


  • Strong experience in cloud-based application development – especially AWS and enterprise integration
  • Experience in designing GraphQL applications
  • Experience with C4 Diagrams
  • Experience with ADR’s

What We Offer

Each employee has a chance to see the impact of his work. You can make a real contribution to the success of the company.
Several activities are often organized all over the year, such as weekly sports sessions, team building events, monthly drink, and much more


for you and your family


so you can try to keep fit or just feel better having it!


between messy startup and red tape corporation, between getting things done and chill out, between work and life.


to speak about your ideas, concepts, and constructive feedback to work on them, to make them happen.

Leader's support

get inspired and helped by our leadership team.

Goodies in kitchen

some fruits, some healthy sweets, some beers, some ice creams.

Flexible hours

just keep up with your team meetings and the rest is flexible.

Remote work

sometimes tough, sometimes rough, sometimes great — here you have it all!

Feedback culture

you don’t like this perk? Let us talk about it!


any machine of your choice

Team lunches

once a week on Friday and once every 3 months with everyone!

Referral bonuses

refer a friend and get not only a great companion to work with, but also a small bonus.

Recruitment process

First call

Hi! We’d like to get to know you better and tell you more about Trinesis. We will also answer all the questions you have for us.


For some positions (mostly in development and design), you’ll then get the chance to show off your practical skills.

Tech interview

It seems like you might be who we’re looking for! Let’s discuss the more technical parts of your future job.

CEO Interview

You’re doing great! One final step. Meet Avinash, our CEO!


Congrats! You’ve passed the entire recruitment process. We’re glad to have you on board :) See you Monday!